Startup Weekend Is Here!

After over a month of hunkering down to get ourselves ready for Mobile Startup Weekend, it has finally arrived!  Woohoo! 

While this is my first Startup Weekend (…kind of.  I did go to one about six months ago but bailed after the first night), Kevin did attend the last Startup Weekend that was held at PayPal’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.  He linked up with a great team, Visavvy, did a ridiculous amount of developing, and was HOOKED.  So hooked, in fact, that as soon as he heard about Mobile Startup Weekend in San Francisco, he signed us up to pitch Metayoo, with the hopes of finding some iPhone/iPad/Android developers and designers to help bring Metayoo to life.   (Finally, right?)

Because Mobile Startup Weekend is a 54 hour crash course in forming a startup, it is beyond fast paced.  In the course of a weekend, not only do you have an opportunity to pitch your idea, you get the chance to build an on-the-spot team, and really build out your company (as best you can, anyway), and present the finished product on Sunday evening. 

The crowd!

We kicked off Mobile Startup Weekend last night around 6:30pm or so.  After we grabbed some pizza, organized our thoughts so we wouldn’t blow our pitch, and listened to some really intriguing speakers (Women 2.0, @gregarious, etc.), the pitches began.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect and given we only had a minute to really get people interested,  we were a tad nervous.  We decided to keep it as simple as possible and really focus on making the idea relatable to the people at the event…and apparently it worked!  We got a lot of good feedback, were selected as one of the top ideas, and within a few hours, constructed a team of two designers, two developers, education researcher, and me, the social media butterfly.  After we formed our team, we met for about an hour or so and began to really hash out what we needed to do over the course of the weekend, and agreed to meet the following morning at 9am to get down to business.  

As planned we met this morning and after scarfing down some waffles and mimosas, it has been go, go, go.  Between white boarding, planning, designing, developing, white boarding some more we are off to a good start.  If everything goes according to plan, by time we present tomorrow at 6:00pm we’ll have an app people can actually use as well as a compelling story to tell.   We are a long way from that point now but remain optimistic! 

Stay tuned as I blog throughout the course of the weekend!  Not only will I be revealing our idea, and blogging about some of the other cool ideas here, I’ll be introducing the team so you know who else is behind the magic this weekend!

Up next: Meet The Band! (Jaime, Renata, Vladimir, Dom, Kevin, Me!)

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Metayoo Loves Philz Coffee

…So much in fact that we are abandoning our original idea(s) and focusing on building a coffee empire.

Or not.

For this post, I decided to go off the “beaten path” a bit and talk about our love of Philz Coffee. This might seem quite random…and well, it kind of is, but truth be told, Philz has become a pretty important part of Metayoo and I would not be lying if I told you we spend at least one Saturday or Sunday there every weekend and usually stay for a minimum of four hours. (We’re hardcore.)

Our love affair with Philz started over a month ago when we were researching local businesses with storefronts that had a social media presence. Because I was focusing on coffee shops, Philz was one of the first places to pop up on my radar. Not only does Philz have quite an impressive following on Yelp, they have a ton of Twitter followers, and a pretty substantial Facebook following, too.

Philz has locations all over the city, two in South Bay, and one that just opened in Berkeley. While we lost our Philz virginity in Palo Alto, we have been frequenting the Berkeley location since it opened and have ZERO plans on kicking our Philz habit anytime soon. Not only do they make one hell of a cup of coffee, the environment is super friendly and laid back, and they have the best “living room” area EVER. Needless to say, we are never disappointed and we typically stay for a few Tesoras (with cream, medium sweet, thankyouverymuch), kick back on their comfy couches, and get some Metayoo work done.

So, imagine our surprise this past Saturday when we walked in, like we do every other weekend, and Phil (as in Phil, the owner!) is behind the counter making coffee. (When was the last time you saw that at Starbucks or Pete’s??) Not only was he making coffee, but he was extremely personable, let us drink out of his coffee (because he is “clean”), and let us come behind the counter with him to see how it is done. Way cool, right? Yeah, even cooler: he made me a “special” drink on the house. Everything about it was really neat, but what I enjoyed the most was meeting a business owner (especially a successful one), that is still passionate about his business and interacts with his customers. We all know he did not HAVE to be there. He could have enjoyed his Saturday elsewhere and left the “grunt work” to the people that work in the store. Instead, though, he rolled up his sleeves, served customers, engaged in his business because he ENJOYS it.

When Kevin and I decided to give Metayoo a shot, one thing we both agreed on was doing something we were passionate about and always focusing on serving our customers to the best of our abilities. So many companies today overlook the importance of customer service and forget that word of mouth marketing is so crucial, especially when you are trying to secure and MAINTAIN market share. Philz is a great example of that. They have competition up and down the block, both small “mom and pop” shops and giants like Starbucks and Pete’s, and it would be easy enough for Philz to only be marginally successful (or not at all) if they didn’t place such an emphasis on service and adding a personal touch. But, because they get it and that commitment to service comes from the top, they are never lacking customers. And, it is for this reason (and the fact that their coffee is KILLER), that Metayoo will be a Philz fan for life.

So, Philz, keep up the good work. We’ll see you next weekend…and the one after that, and the one after that, and…yeah, you get the point.

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Metayoo Loves!

So one thing we didn’t do with our original idea(s) that we decided to do this time was market research…specifically, market research BEFORE we really spent a lot of time on an idea.  Afterall, just because we think what we are doing is the coolest thing in the world, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else will dig it, too.  Anyway, because asking our moms doesn’t count as “market research”, we decided to check out instead. 

Kevin first heard of AYTM at Startup Weekend and has been eager to use their services ever since. Since we decided on an idea that we thought was pretty viable, the next step was to log on to their site, list the specific criteria we were looking for in our “target market” (age, income, marital status, etc.) and draft our questions for the survey that would be given.  AYTM gives users two survey options (“branched” and “basic”).  For our first survey (we ended up doing two) we went with the basic format.  All users are automatically given three questions for a small fee, with the option to add more questions (up to 25) for an additional fee.  For our first survey, we surveyed 150 people in the age range of 18-40 and kept all the other options open.  We had a total of five questions.  Within ten hours we had received 150 completed surveys and were able to analyze the data.  Another cool thing about AYTM is it allows you to export you data so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.  Kevin plugged it into a database and was able to break everything down to a pretty detailed level. 

We were pretty pleased with the results (namely because they confirmed we weren’t completely crazy) and showed there would be an interest from consumers in what we are building.  From these results, we determined that people in the 18-34 age range expressed the most interest and almost nobody said they’d use it as a dating application and would be more apt to use it for professional networking and people watching.  We found this pretty interesting because we were expecting more people, especially in the younger age range, to use it for dating purposes.  (We were pretty happy about this as we weren’t too jazzed about building something that resembled a dating service.)

After our first survey, we decided to do a second one to drill down a little more. We had a general sense of peoples’ interest levels, but this time around, we wanted to find what percentage of people who owned smart phones or planned to own a smart phone in the next six months would be interested in our application.  To say we were pleased with the results from this survey would be an understatement.  75% of the people we surveyed (out of 100 people this time) indicated they’d be interested. While we still have some issues that we are resolving to make our service “adoptable”, based on the results we got from AYTM, we feel pretty justified in moving forward. 

So, moving forward is exactly what we are doing.  We feel like we have a pretty solid idea and now Kevin is working away (fast and furiously!) to build all the technical components that we need to push this out for people to try.  We are hoping to have something (though it probably won’t be super pretty yet) ready by the end of July.

In the meantime, for anyone interested in being a private Beta tester for us, feel free to drop us your info on the “Request an Invite” section of our site.  We’ll keep you in the loop, give you more details about what we are building, and let you know as soon as we’re ready for you!  We think the key to this will be consumer adoption so we are very thankful to all that express interest and want to help us out by testing.

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Our small but mighty two person team declared June 5th D-Day.  By this date, we not only had to have all of our technical “stuff” worked out (and, well, working), but we also needed all of our flyers printed, actually functional, and a general idea where we were going to hang them. After much anticipation, D-Day finally came calling, and even though we had a few “challenges” thrown our way at the last minute, we were successful.
We initially planned on taking all of Saturday and Sunday to plaster all of San Francisco, Berkeley, Mountain View, and Stanford but our plans changed Thursday evening, when Kevin and I found out we had a meeting smack in the middle of Saturday that we couldn’t miss.  At first we thought we’d just wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and hang as many flyers as we could prior to our meeting but a few bugs in our app prevented that.  Kevin ended up spending his Friday night killing bugs (the technical kind, that is)…while I peacefully slept.  (The good thing about being the creative one is I don’t have to write code.)  Kevin didn’t return for the evening until the early hours of Saturday morning which pretty much put a stop to any thoughts we had of getting our flyer-hanging on early in the morning.  So, instead, we went to our meeting and hit Mountain View right after that.  We had planned to spend a few hours (tops) in that area and ended up taking nearly six hours once we started to wander Stanford’s campus.  Everywhere we looked, there was yet another place begging to sport one of our flyers!  We “decorated” the town until it got dark and headed home.  And that is where the night got interesting.
About halfway home, minding our own business on the 880, we were nearly lapped by two racing cars.  This personally annoyed me because I think racing on the highway (or anywhere) is completely stupid, reckless, and well…lame.  As I was cursing the stupidity of Mario Andretti’s distant cousins, one of them lost control and FLEW off the road into a cloud of smoke.  Kevin, having spent his earlier years as a lifeguard, was immediately bombarded with the urge to save some lives and pulled over.  He jumped out of the car, along with another person who witnessed the accident, and I followed closely behind while on the phone with 911.  (I’d love to hear that 911 call; I think I dropped no less than ten profane expletives.) Anyway, we searched for the wrecked car for a good five minutes…only to finally find it on the overpass above.  Apparently, it was going so fast that it not only lost many of its car parts when it wrecked, it actually jumped an embankment and crashed into a family above.  To say the scene was nuts is an understatement.  I’ve never seen so many paramedics, fire fighters, and police in my entire life.  Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured but it was a mess all the same.  Kevin and I had to stay and give our statements and were finally allowed to leave…but only in the back of a police car.  I toyed with the idea of sending a picture of me in the squad car to my mom but I decided against it; after all, I’m the only “good” child left in my family.  Kevin, on the other hand, took countless pictures of himself and sent them to every living relative he has.
The “action”
We finally got back to good old Emeryville, where we live, around 11:00pm or so.  Not only were we exhausted from the day’s activities, but we had to be up around 5:00am on Sunday to be out the door by 6:00am to do the rest of our flyer hanging.  Somehow, we managed…though I looked like a complete beast.  We hit Berkeley first (at least part of it) and then took to the city.  Our first stop in San Francisco was the Fisherman’s Wharf area.  We had one gentleman approach us with some curiosity.  Fortunately he already had an idea how QR codes worked so we didn’t have to break it down to him like Rainman.  As Kevin told said man about our flyers and the idea behind it (research on consumer interaction with QR codes for those of you that are brand new to our blog), I got scolded by the guy responsible for taking down flyers at Fisherman’s Wharf.  I managed to convince him to leave them up for at least an hour, but not before he told me I was stupid.  Fortunately, I have thick skin, and found this quite amusing. I was tempted to ask him to make sure to leave a comment with his smart phone that I’m stupid but I decided against it.  I was sure I’d have an opportunity to use my obnoxiousness later in the day. 
After Fisherman’s Wharf, we headed to the Marina where we hung a good deal of flyers.  I think most people were too busy drinking their mimosa’s and eating their fancy-pants brunch, so we didn’t get too many curious looks. (Perhaps they thought we were stupid, too.)  After we left our mark there, we headed to the Haight where we plastered almost every single thing in sight.  We spent a good deal of time here and I’m pretty sure unless the Haight is inhabited by blind people, our flyers got some great visibility.  The Mission District was next, and finally, the rest of Berkeley.  By this time, we were both deliriously tired and our feet felt like they were going to fall off (that would have actually been a welcome relief). We did the main streets (Shattuck, University, etc.) and then headed to campus.  Like Stanford, we found the holy grail of flyer boards, and we went to town.  By the day’s end, we had hung almost all of our 300 flyers and all we had to do was go home and wait…and stuff our face with pizza and get in the hot tub.
Our work in the Haight!
Almost immediately, we began to see some results (thank you, analytics!).  We had a few people actually leave comments on the corresponding Twitter feeds and several people click the QR codes on the flyers to decode them.  Within three days, we had 106 hits, 70 decodes and 18 comments.  We didn’t really know what magic number we were shooting for, but we were happy that we weren’t crazy and people actually did interact with the flyers.  Interestingly enough, almost nobody interacted with the flyers that had the positive messages…though people went bananas for the ones that were “darker”.  Though by the time we actually hung the flyers, our idea had changed quite a bit (we’re learning this is “common practice” for people getting an idea off the groud in the beginning), it was still a fun way to gather some data and do some research. 
As mentioned, our idea has changed some, though we think we have a pretty good idea of the direction we are going.  We are still doing something that involved social media and we are working on really defining our idea this week by doing some market research (I’ll get to that in our next post).  In the meantime, keep reading, stay tuned, and enjoy this always evolving ride with us!
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Social Media and the Ever-Changing Idea!

Two blog posts in one week!!  (I’m rather proud of myself right now!)
So I know in my last post I mentioned that I would do a separate one to keep you up to date in all of other “going-ons” at Metayoo and I’m going to try and do just that! 
I have been cranking away with all of our advertising and social media efforts.  Between Facebook, Sprouter, Twitter, and this blog, I have been pushing Metayoo to as many people that will listen.  After tweaking (and tweaking…and tweaking) our Facebook profile (and it still needs to be re-tweaked!) I decided to try out a little Facebook advertising.  I signed us up for a 3 day campaign that would track our impressions and actual clicks.  This was pretty interesting to me because we averaged something like 700,000 impressions and around 80 clicks.  What excited me most, though, was that we got a few more “fans”…and we weren’t even related to them!  (Actually, I’m still waiting for my mom to “like” us…)
We’ve also been trying out some “raffles” on Twitter.  That has been a little slow going (at first) and I think it is because many people aren’t too familiar with QR codes and how they work.  This is exactly why we are doing our social experiment/market research with the “Tell Me” campaign. We have no intention on profiting from “Tell Me” (like I’ve mentioned a couple of times, our idea has changed A LOT); it merely seems like a really fun way to capture data for our actual idea/product….and I figure if I’m going to be doing research, I want to have fun with it and do it creatively! 
Our social media profiles are growing by the minute.  Not only are we on Twitter now (with a decent amount of relevant followers), we are also on Sprouter.  Since I established our Sprouter account, I have been hooked on the site.  I really have to control my urge to play on it all day long…and all night long, too!   
One of the most fun parts about Metayoo, though, is our ever-changing idea.  I know it is natural for an idea to change but we have completely changed our original idea to one that is scalable and like nothing (seriously) you’ve ever seen…and for that matter, one that we haven’t talked about yet!  To say we are excited is an understatement! Now, we just have to update our landing page to reflect what we are doing since the content on our page isn’t as relevant.  We plan to completely redo it (as in: gut it!).   Hopefully this will happen in the next week (thereabouts) and we can relay a better description of our idea and all of the fun things we have planned!  So, stay tuned…because we are constantly evolving and can’t wait to show you all!
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Arts and Crafts

After a two-week (give or take) blogging hiatus, I am back…and as usual, I have A LOT to write.  I believe the last time I posted, I mentioned our tour around Berkeley, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, and our landing page (by the way, check out our new “People” section to learn about us!).  I kept the reason for our tour slightly vague and I’m very excited to be able to tell you why in the world we spent a day exploring. To get right to it, we have been BUSY since then.  Kevin has been hard at work doing all things technical and I have been managing our social media profiles, adding new ones, trying to bribe people with gift cards….and looking at art with Kevin.
I know you are probably wondering why we have spent time looking at art and how in the world it ties in with Metayoo…and I don’t blame you.  To confuse you even more, not only does said “art” play a part in what we are doing, it also has a lot to do with why we spent so much time scouting locations all over the place.  Confused?  Good.  Now, I will attempt to explain.
As most of you (if you have looked at our site) probably know, our idea has something to do with QR codes and print advertising (though we are remaining tight-lipped for now. So dramatic…).  When we came up with Metayoo, we knew that QR codes were relatively new and not too many people were familiar with them.  Because of this, we decided to conduct a little “social experiment” of our own in the name of market research.  Inspired by Editoras Online, we thought it would be really cool to create large stickers with QR codes that are tied to our mobile web application that link to social media feeds (Twitter, in our case) and place them all over San Francisco (and surrounding areas).
Here is the Editoras Online video that gave us our inspiration: 
To allow everyone the opportunity to get involved, a Twitter account is not required to participate.  All someone has to do is get a reader (we recommend BeeTagg), snap the code, and you are off to the races.  In our minds, we would include a field to allow the person snapping the QR code to comment and this would give us a good picture of how many people actually interacted with our QR codes.  To make it more fun for people (and to increase the likelihood of people participating), we decided that we would find some thought-provoking, slightly humorous art, give it a catchy header, and assign a unique QR code to it.  Because we wanted something that would actually encourage people to engage, we decided to use headers that began with “Tell me…” (Ex: Tell me your secret.) and we named it our “Tell Me” campaign. (This portion was inspired by the PostSecret Project.)  In total, we have six different images with six different headers and we are going to place them in various parts of San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley.  Our hopes are to create some traffic, generate some numbers, and get the public acquainted with Metayoo. (To be clear, this is merely market research and not our final product.)   
Just to give you a visual, here is the proof of our Tell Me Your Secret flyer:
In any event, this is why we spent time researching locations and art work.  Not only do we want to place our QR codes in places that have a lot of traffic but we also picked our art work and header based on the “vibe” we got from each area. 
We got some great art from Shutterstock (they have some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen!) and the only hard part was trying to narrow all the images down. Choosing the art took us a bit but after a few hours, we had it all selected, ordered, and downloaded.  Next on our “to-do” list was to build a QR code for each image that linked to a specific Twitter feed.  Since Kevin is the technical genius of the duo, he handled this and within no time at all (seriously, he is like a wizard), that was scratched off of our list, too.  The only thing left to do (other than sending our final designs to our printer) was to do some design work (put the headers, QR codes, our logo, etc. on the image from Shutterstock).  We worked really well together on this task.  Between my eye (thank you, fine arts background!) and Kevin’s design and technical skills, we had this completed in no time…and they looked freakin’ rad.  Now to upload our images to the printer….
After researching printing companies, we stumbled upon UPrinting.  Ideally we were looking for a company that was flexible, budget friendly, offered quick turn-around, and allowed us to print smaller quantities of each design (around 50 prints per image). Much to our delight, UPrinting  fit the bill perfectly. 
Their site is easy to navigate (and for someone as impatient as I am, this is HUGE) and they provide free proofing so you see it exactly as it will be printed.  Additionally, their turn around is super speedy and they have they the best online chat service I saw.  I ended up IMing with one of their customer service guys for nearly an hour and he answered every question AND even gave me some great suggestions that we ended up using.  It took a bit to upload our files (but they were huge so that was expected) and within an hour, we were all set; our order had been placed and all we had to do was wait for the final product. Our total turn around time was less than five days. (Considering we ordered 250 different specialized large prints, that is nothing, especially since we were being quoted several weeks by other companies.) And, to top it all off our prints were delivered yesterday and they look AMAZING!
Since we received our final prints yesterday, Kevin tested all the QR codes (just to be sure!) and everything is working according to plan.  Now, all we have to do is post our flyers for all of San Francisco to see!
For those that are curious and do not live in the San Francisco area, we will be posting the images with their Twitter handles to our site soon so be on the lookout.  I’m also going to do a post in the next few days to update you on all of social media work and advertising efforts.  Normally, I’d try to put that in this post, too, but if you wanted to read a novel, you’d turn to War and Peace and not our blog.  So, until then, stay tuned and spread the word! 
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Lewis and Clark 2.0

The rest of this week has been extremely busy for Kevin and me.  While he has been hard at work with all the “geek” stuff (read: development galore), I have been occupied building all of our social media profiles.  In addition to our sweet blog, I also created profiles for Metayoo on Twitter, Sprouter and Facebook so we’d have some sort of web presence.  I initially held off on really “pimping” our profiles out after I set them up (I was waiting for our landing page to go up…which, by the way, IT IS NOW) so by Thursday, I needed more stuff to do.  Because I absolutely HATE being idle, I decided to research locations where we could hang flyers with our product info when we were ready to launch.  Kevin and I really wanted to dedicate Saturday to doing drive-by’s so my little A.D.D. brain got right to work and by time Saturday came knockin’ we were ready to go exploring. 

I unveiled my expedition map over a disgustingly unhealthy dinner at Chevy’s.  For some reason that I really cannot explain, I was limiting myself to salad all freakin’ week so I went to town on greasy Tex-Mex. Not only did I assault the chips and salsa, I had a Corona (but it was Lite, so it doesn’t really fall into the “Fatty McFatFace” category…right?), and I dominated two chili relenos.  And rice. (As I gorged, I tried to comfort myself by claiming it was “brain-food”.) In the few moments I came up to breathe, I explained to Kevin that not only would we be getting up very early to hit various parts of Berkeley, all of San Francisco (broken into districts), Palo Alto and San Jose, we’d be visiting actual store fronts in many of these areas…and doing a lot of it on foot.  He had a strange look on his face and I was worried that he thought I had lost my mind…but then I realized he was just taking in my logistics loving brilliance.  He was completely on board with my plan.  (Thank God.)

We headed home to get the kind of sleep one needs when they have the SATs the following morning.  We were about 30 minutes away from partaking in some peaceful slumber when we heard a very loud noise…the sweet (or not) sound of our complex’s fire alarm.  Though we were tempted to wait it out and hope we didn’t fry to death, we decided to play it safe and evacuate.  We put our CLO on her leash, grabbed some valuables, including our book of Metayoo ideas (we didn’t want the firemen cashing in on our brilliance), and headed outside, where we ended up waiting for about 30 minutes while the firemen put out the invisible fire.

Our competition…they were really there to steal Metayoo trade secrets.

Finally, after all the drama subsided, we were able to get some rest…just in time to wake up six hours later for a fun day of exploring!  We were out the door a little before 8am and ready to go with our list of areas to hit.  Our first stop was Berkeley, where we would survey several of the busier areas and some locally owned coffee shops and restaraunts. 

In the height of my craziness when I was compiling our “hit list”, I identified 23 coffee shops I wanted to stalk speak to.  It was at our first coffee shop that I had the wise idea to have some sort of (stupid) competition with myself and see if I could drink a cup of coffee for each place we visited.  I knocked out about four cups in the first hour and felt like I was going to die.  It was then that I opted out of my one-woman showdown and let the wiser version of me win.  We spent about three hours in Berkeley before we headed into San Francisco.

Here is my better half, Kevin.  He is smarter than me and only had one cup of coffee.

Our first stop in San Francisco was the cute little Marina District.  Though I’ve always heard good things about this area, this was actually only the second time I’ve been there.  (For all of you curious cats, the first time was when the mister dropped the “L” word on our first visit to San Francisco before we moved from Florida.) We were immediately impressed with what we saw.  In addition to all the cute boutiques (I definitely had to control my urge to shop!), there were tons of coffee shops, and PEOPLE, which is what we wanted to see.  We walked the streets for about an hour or so and moved on to the Haight. 

Like the Marina, Kevin and I had only been to the Haight one other time (on our first SF trip) and we only spent an hour (maybe) walking around.  So, needless to say, we didn’t know what to expect exactly, though we had some ideas.  Like the Marina, we were THRILLED with the culture and the masses out and about.  Our idea is largely dependent on foot traffic so this made us very happy explorers.  We grabbed a bite at a local joint called “All You Knead” and then hit the road to the Mission District.

Unlike Kevin, I am somewhat familiar with this area.  Part of my (day) job is to wine and dine people and the Mission has some of the best local restaurants (IMHO) in San Francisco.  One reason that I was so hell-bent on exploring the Mission with Kevin is because of the insane culture it boasts.  There are tons of people out doing their thing and always something interesting going on.  We encountered some sort of festival (though I’m still not sure what it was for) and the energy was infectious. 

After touring the Mission a bit we felt like we had a pretty good handle of San Francisco and the areas we wanted to target.  While any sane person would have probably headed home, we still had to knock out Palo Alto and San Jose.  In doing my research, I stumbled upon a coffee shop called Philz Coffee that I really wanted us to check out.  Based on the conversations I had with one of their employees, it seemed like a great place for us to advertise and their customer based overlapped with ours.  They also have a pretty big social media (Twitter, etc.) presence which I LOVE! 

Philz ended up being one of the coolest places we hit on Saturday.  In addition to making a wicked cup of coffee, the guy that made it wore a shirt that said “You had me at Hello World.”  and that made the drive out worth it.  We loved the people we met there and will definitely be back!

After our trip to two Phliz locations (told you I was crazy), we embarked on our trip back home…but not before we passed a place that had something that I NEEDED.  CUPCAKES.  Kevin made the unfortunate mistake (quite the contrary for me, though) of driving past the most adorable little bakery and I made him stop…immediately. (Fun fact about me: I rarely find children adorable…but bakeries?  Every single freakin’ one. True story.) I ran in and purchased not one, but two red velvet cupcakes.  I ate one on the spot and saved the second one for about four hours later.  Being a fatty never tasted so good.

Paralyzed by the cupcake decision-making process.


After my trip to Oinkville, we finally (for real this time) headed home.  Our long journey was over and we were SPENT. 

But we didn’t rest.  At all.  (We’re on a deadline, people!)  Instead, Kevin logged in to 99designs to check the progress of our landing page contest and award our designer.  Once again, we were NOT disappointed by 99designs and got a great landing page for cheap!

Over the past week, Kevin has been in constant communication with the designer from 99designs.  He built a mockup in Balsmiq, sent it to our designer, and has been providing him with great feedback and content ideas.  Though Kevin is a “developer” he has a great eye for design and our site looks awesome. When he received the final revision, Kevin got straight to work on the HTML and deployment.  He had to make sure our page was compatible on IE, Firefox, and Chrome, integrate with Prefinery, and set up analytics.  He is now in the process of building more pages for our site but we FINALLY we have a web page that is LIVE!!!!  (Check it out HERE!)

Now that we have a web page (and a pretty sweet one, at that) I’m going to be pushing our social media stuff a lot more.  It is really important to us that people know about us PRIOR to our drop date so please, please, PLEASE spread the word and give us some feedback.  Our site has some great info about Metayoo and our “top-secret” product.  Take a look and let us know what you think; it won’t fall upon deaf ears. (We checked our egos at the door when we began this venture.)

So, my dear readers, I’ll sign off for the night and leave you with that.  There will be more to come this week so STAY TUNED!

~The Metayoo Team


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