Lewis and Clark 2.0

The rest of this week has been extremely busy for Kevin and me.  While he has been hard at work with all the “geek” stuff (read: development galore), I have been occupied building all of our social media profiles.  In addition to our sweet blog, I also created profiles for Metayoo on Twitter, Sprouter and Facebook so we’d have some sort of web presence.  I initially held off on really “pimping” our profiles out after I set them up (I was waiting for our landing page to go up…which, by the way, IT IS NOW) so by Thursday, I needed more stuff to do.  Because I absolutely HATE being idle, I decided to research locations where we could hang flyers with our product info when we were ready to launch.  Kevin and I really wanted to dedicate Saturday to doing drive-by’s so my little A.D.D. brain got right to work and by time Saturday came knockin’ we were ready to go exploring. 

I unveiled my expedition map over a disgustingly unhealthy dinner at Chevy’s.  For some reason that I really cannot explain, I was limiting myself to salad all freakin’ week so I went to town on greasy Tex-Mex. Not only did I assault the chips and salsa, I had a Corona (but it was Lite, so it doesn’t really fall into the “Fatty McFatFace” category…right?), and I dominated two chili relenos.  And rice. (As I gorged, I tried to comfort myself by claiming it was “brain-food”.) In the few moments I came up to breathe, I explained to Kevin that not only would we be getting up very early to hit various parts of Berkeley, all of San Francisco (broken into districts), Palo Alto and San Jose, we’d be visiting actual store fronts in many of these areas…and doing a lot of it on foot.  He had a strange look on his face and I was worried that he thought I had lost my mind…but then I realized he was just taking in my logistics loving brilliance.  He was completely on board with my plan.  (Thank God.)

We headed home to get the kind of sleep one needs when they have the SATs the following morning.  We were about 30 minutes away from partaking in some peaceful slumber when we heard a very loud noise…the sweet (or not) sound of our complex’s fire alarm.  Though we were tempted to wait it out and hope we didn’t fry to death, we decided to play it safe and evacuate.  We put our CLO on her leash, grabbed some valuables, including our book of Metayoo ideas (we didn’t want the firemen cashing in on our brilliance), and headed outside, where we ended up waiting for about 30 minutes while the firemen put out the invisible fire.

Our competition…they were really there to steal Metayoo trade secrets.

Finally, after all the drama subsided, we were able to get some rest…just in time to wake up six hours later for a fun day of exploring!  We were out the door a little before 8am and ready to go with our list of areas to hit.  Our first stop was Berkeley, where we would survey several of the busier areas and some locally owned coffee shops and restaraunts. 

In the height of my craziness when I was compiling our “hit list”, I identified 23 coffee shops I wanted to stalk speak to.  It was at our first coffee shop that I had the wise idea to have some sort of (stupid) competition with myself and see if I could drink a cup of coffee for each place we visited.  I knocked out about four cups in the first hour and felt like I was going to die.  It was then that I opted out of my one-woman showdown and let the wiser version of me win.  We spent about three hours in Berkeley before we headed into San Francisco.

Here is my better half, Kevin.  He is smarter than me and only had one cup of coffee.

Our first stop in San Francisco was the cute little Marina District.  Though I’ve always heard good things about this area, this was actually only the second time I’ve been there.  (For all of you curious cats, the first time was when the mister dropped the “L” word on our first visit to San Francisco before we moved from Florida.) We were immediately impressed with what we saw.  In addition to all the cute boutiques (I definitely had to control my urge to shop!), there were tons of coffee shops, and PEOPLE, which is what we wanted to see.  We walked the streets for about an hour or so and moved on to the Haight. 

Like the Marina, Kevin and I had only been to the Haight one other time (on our first SF trip) and we only spent an hour (maybe) walking around.  So, needless to say, we didn’t know what to expect exactly, though we had some ideas.  Like the Marina, we were THRILLED with the culture and the masses out and about.  Our idea is largely dependent on foot traffic so this made us very happy explorers.  We grabbed a bite at a local joint called “All You Knead” and then hit the road to the Mission District.

Unlike Kevin, I am somewhat familiar with this area.  Part of my (day) job is to wine and dine people and the Mission has some of the best local restaurants (IMHO) in San Francisco.  One reason that I was so hell-bent on exploring the Mission with Kevin is because of the insane culture it boasts.  There are tons of people out doing their thing and always something interesting going on.  We encountered some sort of festival (though I’m still not sure what it was for) and the energy was infectious. 

After touring the Mission a bit we felt like we had a pretty good handle of San Francisco and the areas we wanted to target.  While any sane person would have probably headed home, we still had to knock out Palo Alto and San Jose.  In doing my research, I stumbled upon a coffee shop called Philz Coffee that I really wanted us to check out.  Based on the conversations I had with one of their employees, it seemed like a great place for us to advertise and their customer based overlapped with ours.  They also have a pretty big social media (Twitter, etc.) presence which I LOVE! 

Philz ended up being one of the coolest places we hit on Saturday.  In addition to making a wicked cup of coffee, the guy that made it wore a shirt that said “You had me at Hello World.”  and that made the drive out worth it.  We loved the people we met there and will definitely be back!

After our trip to two Phliz locations (told you I was crazy), we embarked on our trip back home…but not before we passed a place that had something that I NEEDED.  CUPCAKES.  Kevin made the unfortunate mistake (quite the contrary for me, though) of driving past the most adorable little bakery and I made him stop…immediately. (Fun fact about me: I rarely find children adorable…but bakeries?  Every single freakin’ one. True story.) I ran in and purchased not one, but two red velvet cupcakes.  I ate one on the spot and saved the second one for about four hours later.  Being a fatty never tasted so good.

Paralyzed by the cupcake decision-making process.


After my trip to Oinkville, we finally (for real this time) headed home.  Our long journey was over and we were SPENT. 

But we didn’t rest.  At all.  (We’re on a deadline, people!)  Instead, Kevin logged in to 99designs to check the progress of our landing page contest and award our designer.  Once again, we were NOT disappointed by 99designs and got a great landing page for cheap!

Over the past week, Kevin has been in constant communication with the designer from 99designs.  He built a mockup in Balsmiq, sent it to our designer, and has been providing him with great feedback and content ideas.  Though Kevin is a “developer” he has a great eye for design and our site looks awesome. When he received the final revision, Kevin got straight to work on the HTML and deployment.  He had to make sure our page was compatible on IE, Firefox, and Chrome, integrate with Prefinery, and set up analytics.  He is now in the process of building more pages for our site but we FINALLY we have a web page that is LIVE!!!!  (Check it out HERE!)

Now that we have a web page (and a pretty sweet one, at that) I’m going to be pushing our social media stuff a lot more.  It is really important to us that people know about us PRIOR to our drop date so please, please, PLEASE spread the word and give us some feedback.  Our site has some great info about Metayoo and our “top-secret” product.  Take a look and let us know what you think; it won’t fall upon deaf ears. (We checked our egos at the door when we began this venture.)

So, my dear readers, I’ll sign off for the night and leave you with that.  There will be more to come this week so STAY TUNED!

~The Metayoo Team



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Metayoo is an exciting new startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in attaching digital information to the physical world usi
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