Social Media and the Ever-Changing Idea!

Two blog posts in one week!!  (I’m rather proud of myself right now!)
So I know in my last post I mentioned that I would do a separate one to keep you up to date in all of other “going-ons” at Metayoo and I’m going to try and do just that! 
I have been cranking away with all of our advertising and social media efforts.  Between Facebook, Sprouter, Twitter, and this blog, I have been pushing Metayoo to as many people that will listen.  After tweaking (and tweaking…and tweaking) our Facebook profile (and it still needs to be re-tweaked!) I decided to try out a little Facebook advertising.  I signed us up for a 3 day campaign that would track our impressions and actual clicks.  This was pretty interesting to me because we averaged something like 700,000 impressions and around 80 clicks.  What excited me most, though, was that we got a few more “fans”…and we weren’t even related to them!  (Actually, I’m still waiting for my mom to “like” us…)
We’ve also been trying out some “raffles” on Twitter.  That has been a little slow going (at first) and I think it is because many people aren’t too familiar with QR codes and how they work.  This is exactly why we are doing our social experiment/market research with the “Tell Me” campaign. We have no intention on profiting from “Tell Me” (like I’ve mentioned a couple of times, our idea has changed A LOT); it merely seems like a really fun way to capture data for our actual idea/product….and I figure if I’m going to be doing research, I want to have fun with it and do it creatively! 
Our social media profiles are growing by the minute.  Not only are we on Twitter now (with a decent amount of relevant followers), we are also on Sprouter.  Since I established our Sprouter account, I have been hooked on the site.  I really have to control my urge to play on it all day long…and all night long, too!   
One of the most fun parts about Metayoo, though, is our ever-changing idea.  I know it is natural for an idea to change but we have completely changed our original idea to one that is scalable and like nothing (seriously) you’ve ever seen…and for that matter, one that we haven’t talked about yet!  To say we are excited is an understatement! Now, we just have to update our landing page to reflect what we are doing since the content on our page isn’t as relevant.  We plan to completely redo it (as in: gut it!).   Hopefully this will happen in the next week (thereabouts) and we can relay a better description of our idea and all of the fun things we have planned!  So, stay tuned…because we are constantly evolving and can’t wait to show you all!

About Metayoo

Metayoo is an exciting new startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in attaching digital information to the physical world usi
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