Startup Weekend Is Here!

After over a month of hunkering down to get ourselves ready for Mobile Startup Weekend, it has finally arrived!  Woohoo! 

While this is my first Startup Weekend (…kind of.  I did go to one about six months ago but bailed after the first night), Kevin did attend the last Startup Weekend that was held at PayPal’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.  He linked up with a great team, Visavvy, did a ridiculous amount of developing, and was HOOKED.  So hooked, in fact, that as soon as he heard about Mobile Startup Weekend in San Francisco, he signed us up to pitch Metayoo, with the hopes of finding some iPhone/iPad/Android developers and designers to help bring Metayoo to life.   (Finally, right?)

Because Mobile Startup Weekend is a 54 hour crash course in forming a startup, it is beyond fast paced.  In the course of a weekend, not only do you have an opportunity to pitch your idea, you get the chance to build an on-the-spot team, and really build out your company (as best you can, anyway), and present the finished product on Sunday evening. 

The crowd!

We kicked off Mobile Startup Weekend last night around 6:30pm or so.  After we grabbed some pizza, organized our thoughts so we wouldn’t blow our pitch, and listened to some really intriguing speakers (Women 2.0, @gregarious, etc.), the pitches began.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect and given we only had a minute to really get people interested,  we were a tad nervous.  We decided to keep it as simple as possible and really focus on making the idea relatable to the people at the event…and apparently it worked!  We got a lot of good feedback, were selected as one of the top ideas, and within a few hours, constructed a team of two designers, two developers, education researcher, and me, the social media butterfly.  After we formed our team, we met for about an hour or so and began to really hash out what we needed to do over the course of the weekend, and agreed to meet the following morning at 9am to get down to business.  

As planned we met this morning and after scarfing down some waffles and mimosas, it has been go, go, go.  Between white boarding, planning, designing, developing, white boarding some more we are off to a good start.  If everything goes according to plan, by time we present tomorrow at 6:00pm we’ll have an app people can actually use as well as a compelling story to tell.   We are a long way from that point now but remain optimistic! 

Stay tuned as I blog throughout the course of the weekend!  Not only will I be revealing our idea, and blogging about some of the other cool ideas here, I’ll be introducing the team so you know who else is behind the magic this weekend!

Up next: Meet The Band! (Jaime, Renata, Vladimir, Dom, Kevin, Me!)


About Metayoo

Metayoo is an exciting new startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in attaching digital information to the physical world usi
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