Metayoo is an exciting new startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in attaching digital information to the physical world using mobile devices.

The founder, Kevin Rohling, is a Software Engineer experienced with Cloud Computing, RIA, and mobile development.  When he isn’t at his day job, Kevin spends his time on his other passion: the startup community.  He is a strong believer in the importance of Customer Development and Lean Startup practices.  He is excited by new ideas, emerging technologies, and other entrepreneurial people. 

The co-founder and Director of Sales, Marketing, and Social Media, Megan Hopkins, is a Sr. Technical Recruiter with a passion for “thinking outside of the box” in everything she does. She specializes in social media, branding, marketing and is an avid blogger with a knack for testing boundaries and pushing comfort zones. Megan loves finding creative ways to make an impact and is pumped to leverage her talents and passion in the startup community!

Lexi Labrador Hopkins-Rohling is our Chief Labrador Officer.  While Lexi is not a Software Engineer and only has 12 Twitter followers, she is an expert scavenger and deep-bowl toilet diver.  When Lexi isn’t rummaging through the trash and drinking from the toilet, she enjoys outings to the dog park and begging for food.  Lexi is not familiar with the startup community but wags her tail when Kevin and Megan talk about it.


One Response to Metawho.

  1. Will Strohl says:

    This is very exciting! I am very proud of you guys and expect big things from you. Don’t let me down! 😛

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