“So I Have This Idea…”

Welcome to the Metayoo blog! This is our inaugural post and I couldn’t be more excited to get this rolling!  My goal is to document our journey into the wonderful world of startup land and attempt to entertain you along the way…given all of the crazy stuff that typically happens to me, that should not be too difficult to do.  We are still very early (and when I say “very”, I really mean “very, very, very…very”) and learning as we go.  Fortunately, Kevin has more experience in the startup industry (read: he is obsessed with all things startup related), so when it comes to business process, etc. he seems to have everything under control (that or he is a master thespian). I like to think of myself as a little social media and marketing prodigy, so we decided that I should run with all things creative.  So far, Kevin and I seem to work really well together so building our geektastic dream together has been pretty rewarding. 
Once we decided we wanted to pursue our wild idea, we got right down to business.  We decided that Sunday would be “startup day” and after knocking out a few errands earlier in the morning, headed over to Borders to get to work.  We nestled ourselves in the Romance section as the café was completely packed.  We had a few old ladies come by and literally stand right on top of us as they decided which Danielle Steele book to buy.  Eventually I threw a book at their heads and they ran away. (Kidding.  Maybe.)
Our first line of business was to assemble some sort of task list to determine exactly what we needed to do and by when.  Because there are a few phases involved in Metayoo planning was a little tricky but we managed to do it alright.  Within an hour or so we established that our next line of business was to get a logo and get one FAST.  Kevin had been at Startup Weekend the weekend prior where he learned about a lot of great services, including 99designs.  We did a little research and decided that we’d go with them for our logo and landing page (assuming we liked our logo). 
And we did like our logo.  A lot.  To be frank, 99designs rocked it!  They have several options on their site (custom logo vs. pre-made one they’d personalize).  In the spirit of being lean, we decided to go with a pre-made logo for $99.00 and have them customize it for us.  No joke, within one hour we had our logo back from a designer.  We did a minor revision and a few hours later, it was complete and EXACTLY what we were looking for and we knew we wanted to use them for our landing page, too. 
It was also around this time that Kevin’s laptop decided to die so we had to find a new place to use our geek powers for good and keep the momentum rolling. One would think finding an alternate power source for the Mac would take about 5 minutes but it ended up taking us over a freaking hour.  We went to Barnes and Nobles (at Bay Street) and circled the parking garage for what seemed like an eternity.  After we finally parked, talked Kevin off the ledge (he is not a fan of the Bay Street garage and waiting…), we went to Barnes and Nobles to discover that 1) there were no open seats (shocker!), 2) there were no outlets his little Mac could use 3) I really, really wanted a cupcake.  So, we ventured back to the garage from hell, did the waiting dance again (this time to exit), and decided that we’d try our luck at Pete’s.  Fortunately for us (and the Mac), Pete’s had everything we were looking for…including a cupcake for my inner fat kid. We stayed there for another hour or so and then called it a night. 
This entire week has been all about Metayoo.  Each day/night has had a task (or ten) that we’ve needed to complete and so far, things are moving right along.  I’ve managed to find a few vendors for our top-secret idea, set up our social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Sprouter, and this fine little blog), and maintain my sanity (kind of), and Kevin has done a great job of looking into everything we need on the business side (paperwork and I are not friends) and do a lot of the development. 
We are planning to drop our little baby on June 5th so we have a few more weeks of fast and furious working to go.  I have been pretty exhausted for the better part of the week and have even relaxed on my appearance a bit to get a bit more sleep in the AM. For those that know me, know makeup and I are like peanut butter and jelly…so for me to break-up (temporarily, of course!) with my longtime bf MUST mean I’m serious.  I guess that is what passion does to a person though, right?  We are so excited to show everyone what we are working on and can’t wait to see how it is received.  A few small sacrifices along the way are small potatoes. 🙂
To drum up some attention to this fine lil’ blog, we will be doing some giveaways.  The first one starts right about…NOW with a $25.00 giftcard to the 20th person that subscribes in as a reader.  I am going to do my best to not be so long-winded (“try” being the key word) and keep it interesting.  Next up on the blog agenda is an into of our team and more on our landing page…which should be up soon! So, stay tuned, drop us some comments, and spread the word!  We want EVERYONE to take part in our little adventure with us!
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Keep your pants on, people!  The first post will be up for all to see tonight!  Stay tuned!

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